Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fight or Die

I received this email the other day from a friend of mine. I want to publish it in here so as to remind U.S. citizens what kind of people we are fighting. I say people, but they are far from being people. These executioners love killing. That is their way of life. If they weren't fighting us, then they would be killing each other. They live to die in the name they say of their god.

I'm not talking about all Muslims, but I am talking about the ones that like to wear masks, because they are cowards and don't want to be recognized, and he ones that have no problem what so ever cutting off peoples heads and burning their bodies.

Don't just delete this or email or cast it off as hearsay. The man that wrote this is real, and he wrote this for the same reason I'm passing it along to all of you. You need to know what is coming, and you need to start preparing for what is coming. You also need to know that if gun control is passed in this country and all of our guns taken from us, unless you want to become a Muslim, you can kiss yourself and your family goodby.

So here is the email:

There is no one as experienced in dealing with and understanding bad guys of all color and creed in and out of prison -- in Vietnam, in the United States and in Iraq as Don Bordenkircher. His document is non-political, short, powerful, unique and frightening.

Reality: Islamic extremists' goal is worldwide domination I've just returned home after serving two years as national director of prison and jail operations in Iraq. During that time I resided within a mile of Sadar City, traveled countrywide to all correctional facilities, and coordinated activities with the U.S. military and the Department of Justice. I wore armor and carried weapons every day. I talked with many prisoners, most of whom spoke English as well as you and I do. They were of every skin color and looked just like you and me.

Since returning, it seems to me too many Americans work desperately hard to avoid reality about our presence in Iraq and our enemy. I want to share my reality. All known terrorist groups were in Iraq before the United States invaded to liberate the Iraqi people. They were harbored, trained and paid for by terrorist operations worldwide. Members of these groups told me this and I believe them.

Our enemy is the radical fundamentalist arm of the worldwide nation of Islam. They use many names but embrace the same mission. Their mission is world- wide domination by fundamentalist Islam. They will destroy or kill anyone who does not convert to their Islam. They enjoy most destroying Muslims who do not share their vision for world domination. Members of these groups told me this and I believe them.

There were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The warheads were shipped to Syria and hidden in the Bekka Valley. The majority of casings are buried somewhere in the thousand miles of desert in Iraq. Prisoners told me this and I believe them.

There is not a civil war occurring in Iraq. There has always been sectarian distrust and acts of violence between Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds. Iran currently arms, trains, advises and monetarily supports both the Sunnis and Shiites, as well as foreign terrorists in Iraq. The Kurds are functioning very well and have a serious dislike of Iran. The mission of Iran in Iraq is to destabilize the country and, when America leaves, assume control without firing a shot. Iranian, Sunni and Shiite prisoners who engaged in these activities told me this and I believe them.

America won the battle for Iraq in three weeks. Now we must, as requested by the Iraqi government, assist in their war against radical fundamentalist Islam and stabilize their government. When will U.S. troops and civilians come home from Iraq? My opinion, based on experience, is that our folks will come home when we withdraw our troops from Japan, Germany, France, Korea, Kosovo and Bosnia. Terrorist cells of radical fundamentalist Muslims are already embedded in the suburbs of America, South America and Canada. They will attack the United States when instructed. As prisoners told me, "we will kill you, your wife and babies, burn your city, and condemn you to a torment in hell, until you convert and submit to the nation of Islam. So pray and prepare." I believe them and that is my reality.

Prior to being "national director of prison and jail operations in Iraq" Don Bordenkircher was "senior advisor to the South Vietnam Corrections System" -- 1967 - 1972. He is also a former Marshall County sheriff of Moundsville, WV. + police chief and two-time warden of the state penitentiary at Moundsville. He is very experienced in dealing with and understanding bad guys.

I hope that you have read this and understand it completly.

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