Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Nikita’s Pledge

It’s amazing how this country has changed in the past 50 years. In the last half century, we have gone from a country of strong convictions and moral values to a politically correct nation of people that believe that socialism i.e. communism is the way to go.

Even though communism, with the exception of China and Cuba, has been for the most part eradicated around the world, the words of former First Secretary of the USSR Nikita Khrushchev, aimed at the United States, seem to be echoing louder than they did in 1959. He stated at that time, “We will bury you without firing shot!” Even though Khrushchev and the USSR have long since departed, his pledge is being carried out by our own people.

A look back into the 1960’s will show where our country started to dissolve. The political left media, Jane Fonda, John Kerry and the Hippies or so called “Flower Children”, bent over backwards denouncing our participation in the Vietnam War. Two pathetic Presidential administrations were handcuffed by the beginning of Political Correctness in this country. We were not allowed to win that war. We were obliged to leave and take on the exterior of beaten bullies.

The left wing media of this country have done their best to brainwash and lie to the people. Ever since Vietnam they have conditioned the people of the United States that liberalism is the only way. Liberalism, Socialism and Communism are all one in the same. They represent big government. Government runs the show period. The first thing Socialist try to do is eliminate religion, and the ACLU is their tool to remove it. That organization is a tumor in our nation's belly. Once religion has been eliminated the only thing the people have to turn to then is the government. Our government is of the people, by the people and for the people. It is not a government of the government, by the government and for the government. If left up to the Left and the ACLU, Khrushchev’s pledge will come true, and not a shot will have been fired.

Those intrepid Flower Children that once graced our presence and sought only love, were in a word, cowards. Those were people that exhibited their loyalty to the United States by burning our flag, and their draft cards and joining together in love communes, partaking in protest marches, taking drugs and moving to Canada and Mexico in a time of upheaval. Some did this under the guise of conscientious objector. They changed the moralistic values of our nation in less than a decade. Now we all enjoy the fruits of their harvest of love. Things like herpes, aides, same sex marriages, the Manson Family, an abundance of drugs, Bill and Hillary Clinton and most prominently, political correctness are just a few of the benefits they left in their wake. Many of the Flower Children now hold governmental offices in our cities, states and federal government. Worst of all, many of them infest our schools from grades schools to colleges and universities. They are spreading their corrupt ideas and deceit to our children. Children brainwashed from grade 1 to grade 12 or 16 are like millions of Manchurian Candidates running around our country spreading leftist dreams. What do we do about it? As far as I can see, not one thing.

Jane Fonda did a superlative job of betraying this country. She is perhaps one of the major reasons that the Leftists got a strong foothold in this country. To bad Joe McCarthy wasn’t around then and especially now with Leftist contaminating the Hollywood acting community and the country. Michael Moore, Alec Baldwin, Barbara Streisand, Bruce Springsteen, The Dixie Chicks, George Clooney, Tim Roberts, Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn, Dany Glover and Ed Asner are just a few of the scores of socialist that can be found on the following website:
http://www.celiberal.com/ The Hollywierds have helped enormously to make Nikita Khrushchev’s words come true. Those people have made total fools of themselves, and Hollywood at the present time can’t seem to figure out why their box office profits are not what they should be. “Dah”?

John Kerry for President? How about Osama bin Laden for President? John Kerry sold out his fellow soldiers in Vietnam. Enough said about him.

Political Correctness (a form of brainwashing) allows us to do, think, and write what the Leftist want us to. It also allows us to forget the word God, the Ten Commandments, Merry Christmas, Happy Easter and everything else this country was founded on. It is like Nazism reborn. Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party instituted Political Correctness in the late 20’s and early 30’s. Once established, people in Germany were afraid to say anything they thought for fear of being turned over to the Gestapo by their friends and even by their own family members.

The ACLU is the Gestapo of the Leftists in this country. The ACLU wants us to be sure not to OFFEND any foreign religion or foreign people that have been established in the U.S. On the other hand it could care less if it offends the primary and secondary religions and true American Citizens in this country. Christianity, Judaism, Christians and Jews are evil and are to be frowned upon. PC in this country allows us to prudently accept all other religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and most prominently Islam. The latter being the religion that allows fathers to kill daughters for indulging premarital sex or adultery, beheadings of Americans and other human beings, dragging American bodies through streets and burning American bodies while they hang on a bridge. Some Islamic worshipers, maybe you haven’t heard yet, flew jet airplanes into three American buildings killing over 3000 innocent American people. Maybe that is the reason that some Muslims should be expunged from the U.S. Maybe that’s the reason WE don’t like them. Do you suppose????

We are a Christian and Jewish Nation. Our religions come first, because this is our country. The other religions come secondly. We also speak the English Language first and foremost. It is through our go0d grace that aliens have been allowed to settle in our country. However, that does not allow them the right to change our Primary Religions and change our culture. Aliens that come here need to understand America and it's standards comes first and foremost above all other cultures period. If saying Merry Christmas offends someone who cares? They can be offended. Saying Happy Holidays is the politically correct way of saying Merry Christmas. That catchphrase is offensive to true Americans. Christmas is now known as the Winter Festival. Halloween is now the Fall Festival and Easter is the Spring Festival. By the way, our children can no longer call the game, Tug of War by that name. It is now called the Tug of Peace. How subservient is that?? Sudden Death overtime in pro football is now called Sudden Victory or just plain overtime. Before long it will become offensive if a team wins a game. "Why...if we win the game, we will offend the other team we can't let that happen. So all games must end in a tie." We are becoming a country of milksop weaklings. The women want to be men and the men want to be women. We can thank the Hippies and PC for that.

Now we face a greater threat to our sissy society. That would be Islamo Fascist Idealism. Any true American does not have to comply with a group of barbarians that has the mindset of people of the seventh century. They are a faction of people that treat their women worse than animals and allow their children to become homicide bombers. These people have no feelings or compassion what so ever about humanity, and they will kill everyone that will not bow down to their fanatical beliefs. You can be assured of that. We don’t have to become the beaten bullies of Iraq. If we leave Iraq now we will not only be beaten we will also be dead, because the Islamos will see that we are a weak and cowardly nation, and they will then increase their attacks on us. To me it is just common sense to fight and defeat them for our survival. Those savages are not going to quit until they kill all of us. The only good thing about being dead is, we won’t have to learn Arabic. Check these three You Tube vidios from Glenn Beck.




Right now in New Brooklyn NY a school is going to open and offer Middle East studies only, and with only Muslim students allowed to attend. "They will also be taught Arabic. The Khalil Gibran International Academy Department of Education is fending off attacks from two angry groups: parents from Public School 282, the elementary school in Park Slope, Brooklyn, that was assigned to share building space with the Khalil Gibran school, and a handful of columnists who have called the proposed academy a madrassa, which teaches the Koran." Can you imagine the ignorance of the people of New York that would allow this school to open in their city. The city whose World Trade Center that was bombed by Islamo Fascists, is going to turn the other cheek and allow Islam to be taught in a private school for Muslims. How soon they forget. How dare they forget. The shame they should feel should be overwhelming. But, it doesn't seem to make any difference to them. What would the 3000 people that died that terrible day think about this action? It might make a slight difference if the so called good Muslims had spoken out against the catastrophe of 9/11. But, that hasn't happened for one reason or another. Only they know the reasons.

If white people decided that they would start a white student only school, what do you imagine would be made of that. The ACLU would go into convulsions and a law suit frenzy. So why is it that Muslims are allowed to have such a school. Isn't segregation one of the main issues that Martin Luther King fought so many years against? Would someone please explain to me why this is being allowed to happen? What happened to the "Separation of Chuch and State" that all the socialists were demanding. What the socialists should be worrying more about is "The Separation of Head from Body". Don't they know that we are in a war with Islamic fanatics and a school like that can just be another foothold for that ilk to over through our great country from the inside? Can't you just picture Osama bin Laden gleefully applauding this? What an asinine group of PC addicts we have in this country! It's just amazing to me how so called Americans can let this happen. What a shameful lot!

One last item. If the World doesn’t like what we do, they can all go to hell. If it wasn’t for the USA they all would all be speaking in German or Japanese right now. It is not our fault or responsibility that the World is so far behind us. The World owes us. We owe the World nothing. And God Bless America. You hear that…. “GOD BLESS AMERICA”… Oh, and an early Merry Christmas, Happy Halloween and Happy Easter to you all. Nikita although long since dead would be very happy to see his prophecy coming true, thanks to the many socialist that swarm this country like parasites and have carried on with his plan.

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