Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Black President

To those of you that think Hillary Clinton will be our next president please let me remind you of her husband Bill. Yes President Bill Clinton. Bill personified what the office of President of the United States should be about. Eight years of excellence by Bill will certainly exemplify just what we can expect from Hillary.

Bill did so many things for our country I hardly know were to begin. His legacy is rich in different subjects and issues. I would be negligent if I left out any of his encompassments while serving us from the highest office in the land.

He came from a poor family in Hope Arkansas. He never knew is real father William J. Blythe. He was killed before young Bill was born. His mother remarried a man named Roger Clinton and as a young teen Bill took the name of his stepfather.

From that point young Bill prevailed as a student. He attended Georgetown University and won a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford. While in England, like any red blooded Americans, Bill took part in Vietnam War protests to impress the British and establish himself as a man to the left of the establishment as many young men did in the 60's. While in England, he was also instrumental in organizing a Moratorium to End the War in Vietnam. The event was claimed to be a success throughout the world.

After Oxford, Bill attended Yale Law School. While there, he met Hillary Rodham. They were married in 1973 and thus began a marriage of alliance and convenience. Kind of a you, scratch my back and I'll scratch yours, type of marriage. Each of them was ambitious and had their own goals and agendas. The couple moved back to Arkansas and set out to accomplish their goals. Bill worked his way up the political ladder and became Governor of Arkansas in 1978. However, he was defeated in his re-election bid in 1980, but regained the office in '82 and was governor until 1992, when he became President of the United Sates. The rest is history.

There are some accomplishments that should not be overlooked, however, while Bill was President. Bill brought to light President John Kennedy's morality, and Bill patterned his own life in Mr. Kennedy's footsteps. Why, if not for Mr. Clinton, several people would be living their lives in total invisibility just like the rest of us. Now these people are high profile individuals thanks to Bill. How many of you had ever heard of Kathleen Willey, Monica Lewinsky, Juanita Broderick, Paula Jones or Jennifer Flowers before Bill took office? Now, thanks to Bill these women are
household names, and celebrities in their own right.

With the Islamic threat of conquering our country, we must give thanks and credit to Bill for reducing our armed forces to less than it was before WWII. It was no secret how much Bill adored the military. Yes, Mr. Clinton had great foresight. We must thank him also for not taking Osama Bin Laden into custody when he had the chance in 1996, otherwise the World Trade Center might still be standing. Mohammed Atta was an Israeli prisoner and freed in 1993 thanks to Bill's insistence. This was covered up and censored by the liberal media in the U.S. Atta later flew a jet airplane into the WTC. Bill, 3000 families thank you for your judgment.

He shook his finger in our faces on national TV and told us that he didn't have sex with Miss Lewinsky. But, then he thought better of it, and Bill set forth explaining to us what the true definition of the word SEX is. He showed us that The President of the United States can teach our children that it's OK to have sex on the job. All you have to know is what the true meaning of "is" is. He showed us that sexual harassment is really OK and not offensive to women. Now we know that only ugly third graders can't have sex, and all is good. Thanks for clearing that up for us Bill.

Bill showed us that Impeachment is just a word and really doesn't carry any weight in corrupt government. If only President Andrew Johnson had known that back in 1865.

Mr. Clinton showed us how to escape unscathed from scandals like Whitewatergate. If President Richard Nixon only had Bills expertise during Watergate in 1973.

Bill was also a master of deception taking many trips to where ever, on Air Force One. Of course all of his trips were out of necessity for the security of the country according to him. I always wondered why all of his good friends had to go along with him on these trips of necessity.

Finally, being a Flower Child of the 60's and also a saxophone player, upon leaving the White House, Bill thought that it would be perfectly alright to take the White House silverware with them along with some furniture and pictures as souvenirs of his Presidency. Bill must have forgotten that those items belonged to the American People. Also, like all good rock stars, what harm does a little trashing of the West Wing of the White House do? Hey, it's OK to have a little fun at someone else's expense.

Hillary Clinton will be a good President. She will carry on the same standards that her husband established in his eight years in the White House. She will have Bill there for moral support and advise. Yes, we are in for a real treat ...... again.

If people can't learn from history they are doomed to make the same mistakes they made before. Let me leave you with an equation "Iran of 2007 = Germany of 1933" Make your vote count my friends

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