Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What Borders??

Given that most people in the U.S. believe everything that is printed or stated through the liberal media, would it be safe to say that there is no problem on our borders? Would it be safe to say that there will be no NAFTA SUPER HIGHWAY built through the U.S. heartland? Would it be safe to say that our sovereignty is safe and will not be dissolved? Would it be safe to say that Canada, United States and Mexico will not be one giant country in the future? Would it be safe to say that in the near future, we will not be using Ameros rather than Dollars? In their minds the answer to those question would be yes. Most people really don't want to be bothered by political problems. They want to let our government handle them. So they don't really keep abreast of very important issues that could disrupt their lives immensely.

It would be interesting to know just how many of those people are secure in what they read or hear from the media. Do they feel totally secure, moderately secure or insecure about what is going on at the borders. Do they go to bed with no worries? What ever their feelings are, secure or insecure, you can rest assured that they will never change their minds about what the media spouts out to all of us. Why? Because, to them the media would never lie. They take media's word as Gospel. The alphabet channel's word comes from high above.

But the real reason these misled people will not change their minds is because they have been influenced ever so slowly throughout the last three decades, by political correctness. PC is like a slow growing tumor. You don't realize you have it until the bleeding starts. Then it is usually to late to do anything about it. Political correctness teaches us this. "Never say what you truly believe." "Never fight a war, and if you do, by all means don't win." "Never stand behind our troops in a war." "Always defend the enemy." "Never secure our borders for fear of offending those that cross it illegally." "Let all illegal aliens come in to our country and wave their countries flag on our soil and tell us that they are going to take back their country." "Let illegals get free health care while always ignoring American Citizens." "Startle American Citizens with unfounded propaganda like global warming so that government and other sources can procure tax money for a total hoax." Those are just a few examples of what political correctness can accomplish. There are many, many more.

Those examples plus the Iraqi War are just a few ways that our attention can be diverted away from things going on right under our noses. With the help of the liberal media and socialist groups, the diversions are the only things that are covered in daily news. News coverage then is rather like the old Soviet Union and Hitler's Germany. Think about it. How often do we hear on TV about the Iraq war, global warming, social security and illegal aliens getting health care as opposed to what is going on in Texas right now? I would guess not very often. You only learn what they want you to learn. Of course for those that have more compassion for Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan than for our country that is a built in diversion. It didn't have to be made up.

These diversions are set in place for a reason. Do these beguiled souls think about why George Bush refuses to secure our borders? Have they ever wondered why 1500 Border Patrolmen have quit their jobs in the last three years or why George Bush sent 6000 National Guardsmen to the border with no weapons and no power to arrest illegals. Why has only 30 miles out of 750 miles of border fence been completed in the last year? Do these people even care?

Globalization, using George W. Bush, Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada and President Felipe Calderon of Mexico as their marionettes, has an agenda for the United States, Canada, Mexico and the world for that matter. One of the designs of Globalization is to construct a NAFTA Super Highway 1,500 mi. long and 1200’ wide through the heart of the U.S. along Interstate 35, from the Mexican border at Laredo, TX, to the Canadian border north of Duluth, Minn. People in Texas have been decrying the construction of the highway for years, but now bids have been accepted from contractors, and he winner was a foreign company. To help quell the outrage of Texans, the name NAFTA SUPER HIGHWAY has been changed to The Texas Corridor. That's like changing the name Prostitute to Date Companion.

Each state in the highways path will contract out their portion of the project. The U S Supreme Court passed the Eminent Domain Law in the summer of 2006. The Rights of Way will be taken by Eminent Domain Law. There will be millions of acres of land taken from U.S. citizens with no compensation. Eventually there will be more Super Highways running East and West through the US and one that will come from Mexico through Arizona. All of these highways will be paid for by U.S. citizens. The eventual cash expenditure could cost tax payers trillions of dollars.

This is the reason Bush and Vince Fox were such fast friends. Felipe Calderon has since replaced Fox as president, but he is a clone of Fox. This is the reason Bush has done absolutely nothing about securing our borders during his presidency. By securing the borders and stopping the onslaught of illegal aliens it would upset the Mexicans Government and cause it to divest itself from the agreement.

The resignation of 1500 Border Patrolmen in the past three years is for being inhibited from doing their jobs, and also because of Bush's repudiation in the matter of border security. Dismissals or even prison terms are being used to set examples to all border patrolmen to keep a blind eye at our Southern Border. The border will never be closed. It will remain open to an assorted variety of humanity that will include terrorists, murderers, rapist, drug related criminals and last but not least, people caring many different types of diseases.

Now with the new trial period of Mexican trucks being allowed to travel freely throughout the U.S. without being stopped and checked, there is now telling what could be inside those trucks Terrorist, WMD's, drugs and poisoned food come to mind. Also, can these Mexican drivers read English? If they can't read English how are they going to navigate the highways without causing wrecks and loss of lives. What kind of people are going to be driving these trucks are they the so called hard working Mexicans just doing their jobs,or are they criminals working for drug cartels. Who knows what we are getting ourselves into. George W. Bush does.

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