Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Green Backers

Here is a man who has done his homework about the end of times. His name is Alan Caruba he writes of prophesy by the Mayans and Chinese I Ching, he writes of disasters, like Katrina, and the Indonesian tsunami of 2004, but his main concentration is on the global warming scam. The people on this planet have been lied to about man causing global warming, and they are buying it hook, line, sinker and even the rod. There are many websites on the internet that will tell you the same thing that Mr. Caruba is writing about. Most scientist that say global warming is man made don't believe it either, but they are afraid to tell the truth, because they will be ridiculed and black balled from the scientific community and in some cases lose their jobs. There are however, some that have the testosterone to speak the truth. Thank God for them.

A pompous, narcissistic buffoon wrote a book recently that has actually conned millions into believing global warming is our fault. People have gone so far now as to call everything Green in order to alert everyone that the earth will soon be mostly water with very little land. The author of the book, however, stands to make millions of GREENBACKs, because these poor simpletons believe in his book. I know they believe it, because if they had done any research at all on the subject they would know that it is total deception. But, they haven't taken the time to do so. They take the book's word as the Gospel, and of course with the leftwing media and Hollywood backing the book, these morons think that the warming of the earth is our fault. There will be laws and mandates on global warming ordered by the government before long, especially if a liberal gets elected as President. These laws will drain everyone's wallets including the gullible and trusting Green Backers.

The earth has been heating up and cooling off long before man came along. So If there is concern about the pollutants we have put in the air, it is trivial compared to what nature does. If anyone is to blame for it, her name is Mother Nature. It doesn't matter how much money is put into cleaning the air, if it is going to get hot there isn't anything we humans can do about it. So if you want to lose your money, join the Al Gore bandwagon.

So, I hope that you will read his link and others so that you will understand that we are being scamed.

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