Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Let George Do It

While listening to a radio show last night I discovered they had found oil in Utah. Now, I suppose, Robert Redford and the rest of the Hollywierd communists will be up in arms to stop the production of it. Redford lives in Utah while he's not on cloud 9, or making anti America movies that flop and lose money. According to the man on the radio, a lot of wells have gone dry in California, however, he said, there are other sources available in the U.S. My siblings and I have some property in Montana. We gave permission to an oil company to do some test drilling on the property. So far they haven't found anything, but they said it looks promising. I hope they find it because they will have my and my siblings permission to drill and produce it.

The environmental wackos will hemorrhage if we drill for oil anywhere in our country. Those people care more about the environment than they do human life. What good is the environment if we are all dead and can't enjoy it? It's just like the Global Warming myth. What good is it to take care of Global Warming when we might not be here after a nuclear war? Social Security and health care are very important issues also, but if you are dead you don't need them. We need to take care of ourselves first and foremost. There are homicidal maniacs called Islamo Fascist running around in this country, because the borders were not secured after 9/11, that want kill all of us if we do not submit to their religion, or actually, their ideology. We need to stop donating money to countries that hate us and scream "Death to America" while they burn our flag in the their streets. Do we ever hear "Thank You." from those countries?? I don't think so. But, they aren't ashamed to take our money and laugh at us all the way to the bank. We need to use our money for our own well being and our existence.

Global Warming is just another manufactured exaggeration spread by the communists and that pompous socialist Al (Bore) Gore so they can put more taxes on the American people in one form or another. Gore deserves the Noble Piece Prize as much as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or Hugo Chavez does. Don't get me wrong, however. I do think that we should clean up the air and water, but saying that MAN has created Global Warming is incongruous. The earth has been heating and cooling on and off ever since time began. There are just too many components in climate change on the earth to justify that MAN is responsible for Global Warming. The Sun is one of those components that has to do with the earth's climate. Should we put the Sun out? If this earth and it's people are to survive we all have to use common sense and take care of first things first. That would be securing our borders and confronting our enemies with any means possible. It won't happen though, because there are to many half-wit morons running around doing everything the politically correct way. God gave us an intangible gift called survival, and those of us with common sense and direct foresight will use that gift. The brainwash souls that believe everything they don't hear (from the media)are in for a big surprise.

I have written about the dollar being on it's way out and that the Amero will replace it. That is part of the North American Union's (they of the NAFTA SUPER HIGHWAY) agenda. I think that they will gradually bring in the Amero so as not to arouse the people's ire. They will give some invented pretense to pacify the populace, that it is necessary to change from Dollars to Ameros. The gullible brainwashed people will buy into it and be as happy as a wino with a full bottle. It's just like the Euros in Europe. It's all about merging the U.S., Canada and Mexico, and later on, all of South America into one giant country. There are a lot of people in this country that believe anything the government tells them with no questions asked. To them, what the government says is like the word from the Bible. They can't fathom that the government are people just like us and that people lie. As I listened to the radio last night they mentioned that Russian President Vladimir Putin has all ready said they will not accept the Dollar any longer and that Rubles will be the only accepted currency. Russia, and especially China, have us over a barrel. We owe China something like $1.2 trillion dollars. We are as much as bankrupt, and our dependency on oil is one of the reasons why.

With the United States running a current account deficit at 6 percent of national income, foreign nationals have been accumulating U.S. assets at a spectacular rate. Taking into account recent stock market gains, foreigners now hold well over $14 trillion of U.S. assets, more than a 100% of U.S. gross domestic product. Did you you read that correctly? That is $14 trillion dollars (soon to be Ameros). Foreigners, mainly foreign central banks and government investment funds, hold more than $2.5 trillion in U.S. Treasury securities alone. I would say that we are in trouble not only domestically but abroad as well.

Many people including Glenn Beck are asking whether U.S. indebtedness to foreigners might pose any subtle hidden threats to the U.S. economy or, even to U.S. national security. With China alone holding $1.2 trillion in reserve assets and foreigners collectively holding more than twice that in U.S. Treasury securities, is there any risk that the United States might be subject to economic blackmail? What about the rapid proliferation of so-called sovereign wealth management funds, most famously China’s $3 billion investment in the private equity group Blackstone? Sovereign wealth funds now control nearly $2 trillion in assets. Is there a possibility that foreign governments would use their financial relationships to compromise U.S. security? It's very possible. China itself would would do it in a second if they thought it would be feasible. And, Russia with it's ground oil reserves almost as great as the Arab world's, will become a financial kingpin very shortly. These countries could take over our country and not fire a shot.

I don't like being lied to by Uncle Sam as Clinton did about Monica and all of the other women he was with. The President and the Congress aren't telling us anything, and if they do it's usually a lie. Government thinks that the average person doesn't have brains enough to figure out that they are being lied too. Some people don't care about our situation. They think it will all blow over, and besides, just let George do it. He will handle the situation. And as I said before, there are a lot of people in this country that believe anything the government tells them without question, so they aren't going to do anything either. On the other hand, there are those of us that wouldn't believe or agree with any politician ever. I have never in my life seen so many outright lies come out of Washington. Certainly there have been some in the past, no doubt, but they didn't have as great an affect on our country's survival as the ones being told now. 1. Border security according to government is being taken care of. That's a lie. 2. Global Warming is going to devastate the earth. That is a farce. 3. There is no such thing as the NAFTA SUPER HIGHWAY. Another lie. 4. Why aren't the U.S. citizenry being informed of $14 trillion dollar deficit that we are now faced with? They haven't been square with us from the beginning so why start telling people any thing now??

Years ago when I was still working I was talking about the assassination of JFK. I said that I didn't believe that Lee Harvey Oswald did it by himself. I said, I thought that there was more than one man that killed him. A fellow worker said "Who cares who did it?" I said to him, "I care. If the government can lie to us about who really killed Kennedy, then who knows what else they have lied to us about, and what else will they lie to us about in the future ? If we just accept anything they say, without question, then they will lie every chance they get." It's like a man or a woman that cheats on a spouse. You can never ever trust them again. Well, that murder was 44 years ago, and I still don't believe one man did the job. But, I do believe that the government still lies to us. The government is like the three monkeys. HEAR NO EVIL, SEE NO EVIL, SPEAK NO EVIL. Much the same philosophy as the Mafia.

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